Ajay Reddy

Ajay Reddy is the founder of Spryng.io, and currently serves as its CEO and Chief Product Officer. He is also the co-founder of ScrumDo.com, a powerful suite of cloud-based workflow management & collaboration capabilities. He is focused on assuring Spryng.io and its related platforms enable organizations and leaders to better understand the environments in which they operate and take more meaningful actions that really matter.

Jack Speranza

For the past 2 decades, Jack has been helping business owners and leadership teams build better companies. He leads operations at Spryng, and is excited to be working on a company whose mission so closely aligns with his own passion -- helping others improve their ability to help themselves.

Founding Team Members

Ashton Drew

As an applied ecologist, Ashton's knowledge of data analytics and decision modeling to manage coupled human-natural systems brings fresh perspectives to analyze, visualize, and describe complexity in organizations.

Barrett Horne

Building on a lifetime of insights into human systems internationally, Barrett’s organizational development and management expertise has developed around helping clients access their own unique wisdom, turning those insights into practical actions to achieve the outcomes that are important to them.

Laurie Webster

Laurie Webster has been involved in creating and synthesizing information for more than 30 years. Her research, analytical, and computing skills work well to aid decision makers’ goals. She creates action plans that can be implemented in the context of the organization and its financial realities, while aiming to achieve long-term benefits.