Sensemaking Features

Virtual facilitation made easy - Freeform Canvas Integration with Sensemaking

Visually collaborate with your research team and virtually facilitate inquiry and analysis. Productively engage and brainstorm ideas and insights together.

Real-time monitoring and real-time dashboards

View and playback participants’ live stories, experiences and interpretations. Share insights with stakeholders in real-time.

Dependable and Reliable - Secure and Safe - Advanced encryption and Spryng Care Premium support with guaranteed Service Level Agreements.

Your success is our top priority. We’ve developed a family of "Spryng Care" success programs to provide a range of options for platform support, expert guidance and training that best serve your needs and your budget.

Multiple Knowledge Bases - 120+ articles and video course

120+ detailed help articles with videos are available for all aspects of sensemaking.
Spryng offers a full-length, self-paced, sensemaking video course integrated with the platform. The course includes a variety of exercises at the end of each module to help you further learn and practice the art and science of sensemaking in Spryng.

Optimize your inquiry - Test your instruments of inquiry and your questionnaires addressing bias carefully. A/B test your designs.

Testing in Spryng enables participants to share feedback on their experience with the questionnaire.

Collaborate with Confidence - Chat, flexible authorizations, sharing without paying

Spryng has an integrated comment/chat tool within an initiative and a place where you can centrally access notifications and communications. Spryng Inbox is a mix of notification mails and channel-based communication for users within the organization.
You can customize page and canvas access for viewing, writing, and sharing privileges for each member.

Collect responses while ensuring privacy - Anonymization and Private Initiatives

Spryng Assist’s anonymization service provides a way for the raw experiences and stories of respondents to be edited, or redacted, in a way that does not include any personal details. This service allows you to guarantee the anonymity of the respondents.
You can create a private initiative, which only you have access to. Other members can still be invited to private initiatives, and only the invitees will be able to see it in their initiative list.

Collect from interested populations of interest

Ensure diversity in collections with setting up notification milestones for interested demographics. Various types of widgets allow embedding Spryng into portals of your choice.

Advanced Visualizations - Identify insights for wise actions from clusters, patterns and weak signals.

Advanced visualizations enable you to view data in landscape, heatmap, 3D-scatter, 3D-surface, and crosstabs. These can be saved as widgets, and printed as a PDF.

Extendability and easy to use templates - APIs extend Spryng into your apps.

You can easily clone and reuse template initiatives on your dashboard. In Spryng Pro accounts, API extracts data from your accounts and allows you to integrate it to other applications.

Multi-language Support

You can add additional language translations to one base language instrument and generate collector links for each language to share with the Respondents. For each sensor, you can translate the signifiers as well as the directions and analyze the responses from these collectors as a single dataset.