Simple and Quick

Start collecting stories and analyzing incoming data in a matter of minutes using pre-designed Initiatives from the Marketplace. You can even customize these to incorporate your own branding elements!

Real-time Monitoring

Share real-time monitoring of story data and analysis through easily created reports and dashboards.

Collaborate with Confidence

Account-based roles allow users to easily control what can be seen, edited, etc., by the people you invite to work with you.

Easily Scale Capabilities

Save time and immediately scale your capabilities by purchasing vetted products and services from the Spryng Marketplace. And if you're a Spryng Pro subscriber, you can generate revenue through the Platform by selling products and services

Dependable & Reliable meets or exceeds industry-standards for hardware, infrastructure, security and support.

Robust Reporting

Integrated reporting features allow you to easily share Platform capabilities without having to buy more user licenses or incur additional costs.

Multiple Knowledge Bases

Create, discuss, modify and review your own private knowledge bases as well as contribute and leverage knowledge of the greater practitioner community through Spryng-pedia, our multi-layered wiki implementation.

Re-usable Components

Each account's central library simplifies organization of your various elements used in the sensemaking instruments you design.

Multi-language Support

Do you need to collect narrative data across different cultures and languages? No problem! Simply clone an existing element and swap in your desired language.

Maximum Flexibility

Spryng supports several different ways to collect stories and narratives from your respondents, including audio and video capture using a variety of devices.