Spryng Professional Partner Program

Let’s Grow Together!

Most Partners operate their own independent consultancies (or are affiliated with such firms).  You are pioneers in applying cutting-edge approaches to understanding complex adaptive systems and shaping meaningful action within them. Narrative inquiry and sensemaking frameworks are central to your efforts, which means you are naturally creating and implementing solutions that extend the capabilities of our platform.  Many of you provide relevant education and training to our mutual customers.

Running a business is difficult.  Growing a business is even more difficult. Our Partner Program is designed to help overcome these challenges, and it starts with your Spryng Professional Platform Subscription itself:

Drive Client Results
Deepen Client Engagement
New Revenue Opportunities
Because Spryng is so easy, quick and economical to employ, it allows practitioners to bring the power of narrative inquiry, sensemaking and related disciplines to a broader range of client work, and to do it more frequently.
Continuously engage your clients and stakeholders throughout all phases of their sensemaking journeys using real-time dashboards and built-in collaboration tools.
Earn commissions from the resale of Spryng accounts and third-party products & services sold in the Marketplace. Earn new revenue and develop potential new clients by delivering expert support to Spryng customers who are not affiliated with an existing Partner..
Effortlessly expand your team and its capabilities by seamlessly engaging expert services provided by trusted Partner colleagues from right within the Platform.
Easily provide timely, high-value monitoring and guidance over ongoing initiatives at little to no incremental cost from anywhere in the world.
Earn new product revenue by designing Platform modules and services that can be sold to other Spryng Partners and users in the Marketplace.

But the Partner Program is about much more than unlocking special features in the Platform:

  • It’s about ensuring the quality and rigor of the Platform and services offered through it
  • It’s about identifying and prioritizing the development of new and enhanced Platform capabilities, and
  • It’s about combining and focusing the efforts of a world-wide community of peers to grow a burgeoning new market for everyone’s benefit.

Every Spryng Professional subscriber is automatically a bronze-level Partner in our Partner Program. Learn more about how to take advantage of everything this means.

Partner Levels & User Desginations

There are two primary drivers of the benefits and privileges Partners receive through the Partner Program — Partner Levels (a subscription status) and User Designations (a user status). 

This section contains more details on the specific threshold qualifications, platform privileges and monetary benefits associated with each.

Program Policies

Spryng Professional Partner Program Policies define the boundaries and simple rules relevant to various aspects of participation.  Some of these are established by Spryng.io, itself, but most are governed by the Partner community.  In this area you can reference Program Policies on matters that include:

  • Articulation of core Platform science and philosophies;
  • Minimum standards that must be satisfied before a product or service will be made available to others in the Spryng Marketplace;
  • Policies relevant to Spryng Professional Partner designations;
  • Qualification thresholds for participation on the Spryng Advisory Board and similar bodies.

Training & Support