Program Overview has two primary missions:

  1. To make it easy and economical for organizations of all sizes and types to leverage emerging frameworks, principles and practices that help us make better decisions and operate more effectively in complex adaptive environments; and
  2. To be a source of unparalleled support and service to the professionals who discover, develop, implement and refine these frameworks, principles and practices in their work.

In short, exists in large measure for our Partners.  We’re only successful if we’re helping to make you more successful.  Our Professional Partner Program is designed to put you in charge of making sure we successfully fulfill our mission.

Any good Partner Program starts with a core set of benefits.  As every Spryng Professional subscriber automatically qualifies as a bronze-level Partner in our Program, here are a few of the direct benefits you’ll immediately enjoy:

  • 20% discount on the purchase of Spryng Forward subscriptions.  Spryng Professional subscribers can create and manage sensemaking initiatives in the context of their own accounts, but overall value is truly maximized when you set up separate subscription spaces for your client organizations.  When you go this route, you can choose to purchase the client subscription yourself at a discount, re-sell it to your client at your discounted price, or mark up the price and earn a commission.
  • 20% discount on the purchase of Spryng Care Premium support plans.  As with subscriptions, you can choose to purchase a premium support plan for your client at a discount, re-sell it to your client at your discounted price, or mark up the price and earn a commission.
  • 10% discount on the purchase of third-party Marketplace items.  Whether you want to purchase and use a product or service within the context of your own account, or resell it into a client, you’ll benefit from these cost savings.
  • Sell Products and Services in the Marketplace.  Do you have a really powerful sensemaking initiative that can be repurposed for wider use?  Do you possess deep subject matter expertise in a field that’s relevant to a specific aspect of the sensemaking journey?  Package them and sell them to your Partner colleagues and organizational subscribers in the Marketplace. Bronze level Partners retain 70% of the sale price.  

The benefits of Partnership go well beyond these highlights.  Read on to learn more about the real power of our Partner Program.



There are a lot of moving parts that must be managed when designing, implementing, and shaping meaningful action from sensemaking initiative (especially those employing some form of narrative inquiry).  The complexity only increases when you also have to account for common constraints like time, expertise, and funding when trying to answer the question of which frameworks, systems and processes are the best choices given the context for:

  • Collecting information from a given population?
  • Appropriately signifying the meaning of the information we collect?
  • Analyzing, visualizing and otherwise helping to expose insights provided by the data we collect?
  • Facilitating conversations and efforts relevant to identifying and implementing next best actions?

Being aware of and sufficiently understanding all the options, ensuring things are sufficiently rigorous and reliable, and mastering the use of any involved system makes it incredibly challenging to scale the capabilities you bring to the table in every client engagement.  Our combination of Platform and Partner Program eliminates these challenges.


It starts with simplification

Spryng’s core sensemaking engine is the answer to frustrations shared by countless professionals who have struggled with carrying out and connecting each of the various phases of a sensemaking initiative.  By creating a single platform that easily and robustly supports all phases of a sensemaking journey, your ability to scale your efforts is greatly simplified:

  • Reduce the amount of professional time required to design and set-up of sensemaking initiatives, collecting responses, analyzing data, and generate meaningful reports by over 50%!  What has historically required multiple tools and set-up times can now be completed through simple clicks and drag & drop interfaces.
  • Simplify and speed up collaboration with your colleagues and clients by enabling context-driven interactions with them throughout the sensemaking journey from right within the platform (where all your work is taking place and where everybody can see and react to things happening in real-time, even if you’re thousands of miles apart).   
  • Eliminate as much as 75% of the design & set-up costs associated with frequently used sensemaking themes by easily re-using key elements of past initiatives, or by taking advantage of proven Initiatives developed by other Partners and made available for free download or purchase in the Spryng Marketplace.
  • Enhance your internal delivery capabilities by taking advantage of “good practice” tips and recommendations shared by fellow Partners in the Spryng network.
  • Expand your overall delivery capabilities by seamlessly engaging fellow Partners to provide expert support as needed.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Spryng makes sophisticated sensemaking capabilities easier and faster to implement — and more affordable than ever.  It’s also full of optional resources you can tap into as needed. Scalable time and talent available for all your engagements!



Professional consultants are constantly balancing competing needs.  On one hand, you need to devote time and effort to maintaining and sharpening your professional knowledge and skills.  On the other, you need to devote time and effort to maintaining and building your business.


Do less. Get more.    

Here are just a few examples of Partner Program features that allow you to get more from doing less:  

  • Immediately take advantage of new channels for selling services and products.
    • Monetize your prior work by converting it into “re-usable” sensemaking modules or packaged service and selling it in the Spryng Marketplace.
    • Earn commissions from the resale of Spryng subscriptions and 3rd Party Marketplace products / services to your clients or others.
  • Get in line for new client referrals
    • Spryng customers (fellow Partners and others) need specialized insight and services you can provide.  Set up your information page so our referral engine can connect you.
    • Providing expert support to unaffiliated Spryng users through our Spryng Care Customer Success programs is a great way to build relationships with new prospects.  
  • Leverage tools like Spryng’s integrated client proposal engine — a platform that lets you generate digital, high-impact proposals in minutes instead of hours:  
    • Your proposals will always look their best.  You can’t control whether your prospects will review your proposal on a computer, on a tablet, or on a phone.  Our responsive designs ensure your proposals look professional on all devices. And, of course, printable versions are also available.
    • Stand-out and save time.  It’s easy to make your proposal stand out by using a variety of media (written content, images, and even video).  Over time, you’ll learn some content is more persuasive than others, and you can save time by easily recycling your most  successful elements in future proposals.
    • Reinforce your brand identity.  Create consistent experiences for your clients by easily adding your logo, colors, and other brand elements to proposals.
    • Follow up smarter.  Author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn has said “Fortune is in the follow-up.”  Our proposal system provides notifications and analytics that let you follow-up when and in ways that will have the most impact.
    • Eliminate the “print, sign, scan, return, and collect payment” dance with your clients.  Automatic contract acceptance, invoicing and payment processing eliminates needless time and energy spent on these low-value tasks.
    • Overcome potential objections.  Lean on our built-in escrow, payment processing and dispute resolution services to build and maintain trust in both new and existing business relationships.  
      • eBay created a multi-billion dollar industry by creating a platform where unknown buyers could safely and confidently transact business with unknown sellers.  Spryng does the same thing for you and your prospects.
  • And much more to come!

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Your highest value is realized from actually working with clients, not from acquiring them. Leverage Spryng’s business support capabilities to spend more time changing the world, and less time securing the opportunities to do so.



The central theme to Spryng’s mission can be summed up in one word — “support.”  Spryng is about leveraging the wisdom of a community, and our Professional Partner Program is directly reflective of that.  Here are some highlights:

  • Partners establish the policies that assure a solid minimum standard of rigor and quality for all items sold in the Marketplace (sensemaking initiatives, services, training, etc.)
  • Partners make up at least 80% of the Spryng Advisory Board membership — a body that partners in:
    • Identifying and prioritizing the development of new or enhanced Platform capabilities.
    • Establishing and refining minimum standards for the publication of goods and services in the Spryng Marketplace
    • Establishing and refining minimum qualifications for receiving “Spryng Certified Practitioner” and “Spryng Authorized Trainer” designations.
  • Partners are the thought leaders and influencers in their respective areas of expertise.  As such, they control the creation and refinement of relevant information in Spryng-pedia — Spryng’s growing knowledge base.