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    • Story prompts and signifiers free participants to convey meaning and context that fit their sensibilities, culture, and language.
      • To not worry about what will happen to them if they communicate something. The Spryng collection process completely anonymizes contributions if individuals want to remain anonymous.
      • To not be swayed by ideas of what they should or should not share.
      • To not be limited by what is or is not acceptable or other biasing influences.
    Story Prompt
    A friend in your same line of work expresses interest in applying for a position in your organization and wonders what it is like to work there. What one recent experience, truly uplifting OR downright depressing, would you share? In a few lines, what happened?
    Your Story
    There can be a lot of job insecurity- several people I know have been at this workplace for over 15 years and are struggling to meet their fiscal marks, as market conditions have changed and their skill sets have not been as marketable.
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  • Stories free participants to convey meaning and context that fit their sensibilities, culture, and language. Surveys necessarily exclude contexts.

    Traditional surveys ask for our opinion. Every opinion that I share is abstracted from some stories, often a range of stories. In the end, my voice disappears.

    Barrett Horne

  • Design Sensors that elicit wisdom and insights from your communities. This wisdom is hidden among their stories. Well crafted Sensors enable us to analyze and discover these insights.
  • Get easily started with templates and build on what has been tried and tested.

    Customize existing templates and design instruments unique to your situation.

  • Create reusable templates and themes for effective and faster relaunches of research studies.

  • Scale Qualitative and Quantitative Research

    Capture stories and experiences for your study across language and platform barriers.

  • Ensure diversity and include all voices by setting up notifications to course correct while gathering responses.

  • Collaborate to capture resonant and relevant insights easily.

    With multi-dimensional and longitudinal data analysis, you can track responses over time, filter responses by demographics, and mix and match a variety of research variables for multi-dimensional analysis.

    Filter triangle, slider, and multiple choice questions in analysis with demographic and multiple choice questions.

  • Interact with response data in mulitiple dimensions - landscape, heatmap, 3D-scatter, 3D-surface, and crosstabs with advanced 2D and 3D visualizations.

  • Mark story candidates to make Story Packs for facilitated small group analysis to discover insights

  • Capture and prompt story collection in 90+ Languages. Integrate Spryng into your App. Collect stories through a variety of mediums- Audio, video, tablets, paper, mobile etc. Use best-of-class AI to transcribe and translate. Spryng scales qualitative and quantitative research of people’s stories and experiential information.

  • As you analyze your story data, it may become challenging to keep track of everything. To facilitate your analysis, you can leverage AI to train it to organize your data sets.

  • Interact with the most pertinent information framed by their actual contexts.

    Make persuasive presentations backed up real stories and their original contexts.

Trusted by organizations worldwide

The Women’s Refugee Commission report was prepared by a group of authors who worked with a consultant who guided the Active Sensemaking study.
The Lifting Our Sights: The Transition Journey report was prepared by Dr. Robin Pharoah who also conducted the study. This document presents the findings of the ethnographic research component of the wider ‘Lifting Our Sights’ foresight programme exploring future trends and their impacts on ex-Service personnel going through their transition back into civilian life. The research involved the collection of detailed narrative accounts from thirty ex-Service personnel, alongside more quantified findings that came from a question set respondents were asked to complete alongside their narratives. The primary output of the research was an archetypal Transition Journey model. However, since the construction of this model involved detailed analysis of the stories provided, other key findings were also identified.
The Review of Inclusive and Special Education in the Yukon Report was prepared by Dr. Nikki Yee with a consultant who guided the Active Sensemaking study.

We invite your participation

We believe every experience is unique and every voice matters. We invite you to participate in our newest public research initiatives, by sharing your stories of success or stories of struggle, in the realm of healthcare and/or education. You can share just one experience, but you are encouraged to share as many as come to mind. The more experiences shared the better.

Patient Experience
Is there an “Us versus Them” culture within your healthcare system? The purpose of this project is to gain deep and nuanced insights into how people confront the everyday challenges or opportunities of delivering health care. The aggregate data will help access deep and hidden insights people learn how to constructively manage competing issues.
Share your experience
Education Experience
​​School stakeholders' experiences are the best sources of insights into school patterns. These experiences often contain untapped wisdom to enable your school to overcome challenges to successfully educate all students and improve the school.
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Built for both PhDs and laypersons

Spryng is used by the curious with various backgrounds, roles, and research experiences to understand and act wisely in many complex situations..

Trusted by well-known practitioners and consultants


Looking at real lived experiences keeps us grounded when thinking about the future, and it allows us to think about how grand shifts and changes in society in the future — how they will play out on the ground, in real lived experiences.

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Dr. Robin Pharoah

Director at Future Agenda

This powerful tool captures stories and reflections of individuals and aggregates them into patterns for the whole. The simple visualization and analysis techniques allow sense-makers to zoom in to see local situations and zoom out to get a sense of the whole. We work with patterns across the whole range of human systems, and Spryng is the best platform we’ve found to make meaning and find shared understanding for indivduals and groups of all kinds.

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Glenda Eoyang

Director at Future Agenda

Get insights from anywhere

Leverage the wisdom of your own communities from the convenience of your favorite device



What is

Spryng is built on the insight that we, as human beings, make sense of our lives and contexts through stories—we experience patterns and interpret them with ‘stories’. Spryng leverages this natural human sensemaking by allowing people to share and interpret their individual experiences. Spryng yields a rich set of nuanced data that combines both qualitative data of the experiences and stories and quantitative data of interpretations provided by contributors. These data are kept connected and can be explored via the uniquely powerful but intuitive capabilities of the Spryng platform. Using Spryng’s data analysis tools, the two kinds of data can be cross-referenced and correlated, revealing patterns of meaning within the system being studied. Insight into these patterns provide levers of opportunity for shifting the system towards desired outcomes. Spryng includes tools and methods for building and facilitating stakeholder conversations involved in the creation, deployment, and analysis of an Active Sensemaking project, along with practical advice and good practice ideas.

What does Spryng provide to an organization?

Spryng makes it possible for organizations to understand people in ways that have not previously been possible. By making sense of the untapped wisdom from stories and narratives, the platform helps decision-makers to focus on the right problems and make smarter, more effective decisions. This is only possible by using a tool that can handle the unique complexity and non-linear thinking that humans are known for.  Spryng gives organizations the capability to codify those learnings and craft the actions that will cause positive ripple effects across the rest of the organization. Just as a telescope or microscope amplifies the natural human ability to see, the platform provides a variety of means to amplify our natural human ability to notice and respond to patterns in complex human systems.  More importantly, it makes it possible to discern patterns of human systems at scale, including the ability to monitor how patterns shift and respond to adaptive actions that are intended to effect desirable outcomes.

Who should consider joining Spryng?

Leaders, Internal and external Organizational Development consultants, HR leaders and consultants, market researchers, Agile coaches, ethnographers, community engagement specialists. Our software is not for everyone.  It’s specifically designed for organizations that can see beyond the numbers and the shallow metrics that too often purport to identify success.  It’s for people who take stories seriously and want to leverage those unique insights.  It’s for organizations that aren’t satisfied with the status quo and strive to create a mission-driven organization that provides a great experience for all stakeholders. It’s also for enlightened  forward-thinking consultants who want to bring this fresh paradigm to their clients.  Whether you’re in organizational development, market research, or strategic foresight, this software can help you align your clients with the actions that they need to take to transform their organization for the better. This is for the curious and committed to help forge and pioneer transformations that people struggle to do on their own. It can stretch and enable people to think and work better as Spryng enables real engagement and a real commitment to the people you serve.