Legal Stuff

There are several legal documents central to using Spryng. Some apply to all visitors and users of our site, some only to specific customers and partneres. To make it easy to find the information you’re looking for, we’ve assembled them all here under one roof and provide you with a quick summary of what you’ll find in each one.


By visting the web site (“Site”), or any services of, our affiliates, or our Spryng Professional Partner Program (collectively the “Service”, “Platform”, “Spryng” or “”), you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions contained within all the documents listed on the left that apply to the scope of your use on our Site (All of these documents collectively make up our “Terms of Service.”)

If you do not agree to these “Terms of Service,” you should leave our Site and discontinue using our Platform.

Terms of Use

Summary of Content:  General terms and conditions relevant to visiting our website and using our services.

Applies to:  Everyone.

Privacy Policy

Summary of Content:  Detailed policies covering how collects and uses information related to visitors to our website and users of our Service, including information and policies related to our use of “cookies.”

Applies to:  Everyone.

GDPR Addendum

Summary of Content:  Details regarding policies Spryng shall adhere to with respect to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. 

Applies to:  Visitors to our website and Users of our Platform who live in the European Economic Area (EEA).

User Agreement

Summary of Content:  Additional terms and conditions relevant to all types of user accounts established on our Platform.

Applies to:  All users who create any type of a user account on Spryng, including (but not limited to):

  • Users associated with both free and paid subscriptions to the platform.
  • Individuals who participate as respondents to sensemaking initiatives undertaken by Users of the Platform, including members of User Pools.
  • Users associated with organizations that purchase products and / or services from Spryng Professional Partners through the Platform.

Marketplace Agreement

Summary of Content:   Additional terms and conditions pertaining to use of the Spryng Marketplace.

Applies to:  Visitors of our website and Users of our Platform who purchase or sell products / services in the Spryng Marketplace (including products and services offered for “free”).

Data Processing Agreement

Summary of Content:  Terms and conditions that apply when Spryng is serving as a “data processor” (as defined under the GDPR).

Applies to:  Users of the Spryng Platform who qualify as “data controllers” and use the Spryng platform to process the data of individuals governed by the GDPR.

Data Subprocessors

Summary of Content:  A list of third-party providers Spryng relies upon to process data we collect through use of our website.

Applies to:  Everyone.

Payment and Escrow Agreement

Summary of Content:  Terms and conditions that apply when the Spryng Platform is used to transact the sale and purchase of products and services other than in the Marketplace.

Applies to:  Spryng Professional accounts and their customers who enter into private agreements for the sale and purchase of goods and / or services generated through the Spryng Platform.

Professional Partner Program Agreement

Summary of Content:  Additional terms and conditions that apply to Spryng Professional accounts.

Applies to:  Spryng Professional account holders.

Spryng Care Services

Summary of Content:  Specific terms and conditions relating to Platform support.

Applies to:  Account holders eligible for services under Spryng Care Customer Success plans.